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Landis confirms he will miss Tour
ickleoriental wrote in aa_athletes
Last year's Tour de France winner Floyd Landis will not defend his title in July, the French anti-doping agency (AFLD) has confirmed.

The AFLD on Thursday postponed a decision on whether the American will be allowed to compete again in France.

Landis had reportedly appealed to the AFLD to delay their decision until after a US anti-doping agency ruling is made on 14 May.

In return, Landis agreed not to race in France in 2007.

"Mr Landis requested that the AFLD allow him to first defend himself in front of the American agency," said an AFLD statement.

"He has agreed not to take part in any cycling competition in France before the end of 2007 and that includes this year's Tour de France.

"On the basis of that commitment, the agency has decided to adjourn the hearing to a later date that will be decided on how the American procedure proceeds but no later than the end of June."

The AFLD could ban the American for two years after his positive test for testosterone in the 2006 Tour.

If the US process confirms his positive test, Landis could then appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which could delay the verdict for up to six months.

Landis, who is currently recovering from a hip operation, has denied any wrongdoing, claiming the test analysis was flawed.
If found guilty, the 31-year-old faces becoming the first Tour de France to be stripped of his title for drug offences.