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Can't kiss now...

Inspired by the Fangs and Lim's adventure Singapore race last week, Ah long decided to take to the mountain once again, this time however, on a 'steal of the century' BMC. 

"we're not racing today" said AF 5 min before the race, rocking up to BT on his Beng bike (red 19inch Rims!) and Ah long's kaya waffle in hand. "You mean i'm racing along...? No pals???"

Undetered, lonely Ah long took to the start line alone amidst complete strangers. He placed himself at the back of the pack, slipped on the right SPD, and waited for the horn, Nervous, kan Chiong, thrilled, scared.... . But ah long being ah long decided to put on his CHEONG mentality.....and super cool grin.

Underneath the Red Bull Start and FInish Arch they went, a swarm of dirt hungry Senior dudes (BTW, Ah long raced in the Men's Senior 'A' Cat). Pow Pow Pow, Ah long took off in his usual stylish way, waving and shouting to Chancho on the side lines in true Ah Beng fashion. Ah long was last into the first corner... 


1 Min into the race.... "oh oh... Janice was right, its freakin totally unlike the trail in adventure race!!!!"
2 Min into the race.... "What the hell did i get myself into....???"
3 Min into the race--- Toppled on fell
4 Min into the race--- Toppled and fell again... Damn SPDs.
5 Min into the race--- PIAK!!! 

Oh me Gosh, Ah Long looked down and saywhis chain on the dirt... Already the last of the pack, and this had to happen. Suay balls... Luckliy there were a bunch of good samaritans around (where the hell did they appear from he wondered). And the best thing was that they had all the tools to put the chain back together...!! Marshalls surrounded ah long and his entourage, shouting :" Eh... cannot help or he disqualified!!!" 

Ah long looked across at the marshall, who happended to be quite an alright looking chick, he he immediately put on his chee hong face and pleaded with her to let him finish the race.... Of course she could't resist his charms, so she herself took out here tools to assist....:) Nice one Ah long....

Back in action, this time careful not to engage the gears with too much of a chiong attitude, Ah long took to the track again.... tight ass corners, steep ass slopes, many many angled roots and lots of rocks... ah long paddled at  full speed (in Granny gear) trying to catch up to the rest of the pack... Ah long got lapped...

This trail is never ending thought ah long, the longest and most shackening 6.5km ever.... not only were the climbs super siong, it was like mount faber x 2 plus crevices and roots to avoid all at the same time... Poor ah long felt his skinny but sexy thighs build up to hulk size, full of lactate, lactate levels which made all his tri training seem like a gentle workout.. 

soldier on boy... dont give up, only 2km to the finish line, only 1 more lap to go after that.... siong...

To give up or not to give up.....JUST DONT BUANG.

Pounding up one of what he thought was the last hills of the lap, Ah long looked in front and saw JF (who btw, appeared in the middle of the jungle with her camera), cheering him on...  Go Go Go.... Ah long legs all of a sudden, was full of energy again... POW POW POW for 4 seconds.... shack again.... at least JF got a good manly shot of Ah long riding... good enough....:)

"Come on D".... said familiar voices..... It was Chancho and Andriod....and Ah long could see the start and finish line.... LET"S GO LET"S GO....

TBC, Ah long gots ta work... Round 2 ina minute...


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